Rule the Depth of Leading lines

For these three images I am going to analyze Elements of Photography; more specifically, rule of thirds, leading lines, and depth of field. The images used I couldn’t locate a photographer for them but they are found at their listed sites and all credit goes to them, for their fabulous, and elegant work.

Rule of Thirds

Leading Lines

Depth of Field


Rule of Thirds

In this image I have demonstrated where the rule of thirds is. Where the cup of tea with a lemon slice is right on one of these sweet spots. Where when we have objects lined up on these lines it makes the image look organized.  This photographer utilized the photographic element to their advantage in that because of the wood grain is moving horizontal the cup makes your eyes re-center on the page instead of falling off of the image.


In my image it is similar but instead of a plain object I used the length of the vine as my line for the rule of thirds. I utilized this element in keeping my image simple but interesting, as it is on the line. The Rule-of Thirds helps the composition to be organized and have the objects in the image flow better together.


Leading Lines

I thought this image was intriguing with the leading lines as they are. I wonder if there is some photoshopped elements to have this image continue like it does or if it’s a bench. I’ll let you determine that. With this image the lines are leading our eyes to the background and with the lines not being exactly straight it is fascinating.


In my image we see the bleachers, first we see the horizontal lines from the seats, but what about the hand rail that leads up the stadium? Isn’t that a different aspect of the image brings your eye to a full circle around the image. This relates to my example in that the lines are leading your eye to a specific point.


Depth of Field

This is one of my favorite elements of photography. I used this image because I love how the photographer utilized the foreground and back ground, they are out of focus. Yet they still set the scene for the staked rocks. Which are in focus along with the smaller pebbles around it. (Do you see how this is also a rule of thirds image?) Beautifully put together.


In the image that I took, we see that the bark is in focus but the background is blurry. Similarly I was able to utilize the focus on the bark to emphasize the detail. I really love this element of photography, because it forces you to focus on exactly what the photographer wants you to focus on. This is the one that the artist has the most control, of what exactly they want the viewer to see. This works really well if you have a really bad background but a great subject you can blur it out and re-center the emphasis on the object.

This is just a few of many great examples of these principles of Photography, please do your own image searching, even try taking your own images to compare. The best way to understand these is to take your own images.


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