My Dream Career

My dream career is to create layouts for a magazine, or other published items like yearbooks, photo albums, and etc. At the moment I am taking a Visual Media class at Brigham Young University—Idaho. My professor Eric Lybbert assigned the class to make a magazine spread with 3 pages, one being the cover and the other two being the article. This was to test what we have learned about Photography, Typography, and the InDesign Program by Adobe.


The article that I chose is from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it is called: Where Justice, Love, and Mercy Meet. Which was given by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, in the April 2015 General Conference of the church. The short outline of this talk is that Elder Holland talks about how because of the fall of Adam and Eve we needed a Savior, someone who can redeem us to overcome trials and hardships. He uses a story about brothers climbing up the face of a cliff in southern Utah, which beautifully turned into an analogy about the Savior, Jesus Christ. The headings have been added by myself to make the article more legible. Read the full article at


There are three pictures that I photographed myself. One is of a group of small rocks as you see on the title page. The second picture is the face of a boulder, I chose this one in particular because of the nice shading and texture that it gave to the overall layout. My third photo is hiding but it’s the border around the pull quote. A pull quote is a quote from the text that is emphasized, in another object.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3


For the Typography I used a Serif font called: Kozuka Mincho Pr6N. This is used in the title, and headings in the text. The other font that I used is a Sans-Serif font called: Sakkal Majalla. I used this in the body and in the author line by the title.  Another important aspect of typography is making sure that your reader can fluidly and effortlessly read the information that you have on your page. Using columns and spacing them out with Headings and spaces between the paragraphs make it so that it is easier to read.

Overall Design

For the overall design, I have always thought that lines were very visually pleasing, my overall goal was to make the lines look like a cliff, as the story explains, and the rocks are the gritty surface that the boy slaps his down on. I prefer a more modern look so I think that is why I designed this the way I did. Hope you all like it.



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