Music of Generations

For the past few weeks I have been working on this Icon Project for my Visual Media Class at BYU–Idaho. For this Icon Project I first got a start on it knowing the basics of the rubric. I got to brainstorming and my first idea was bottles, but deciding that wouldn’t go over well, I changed it to different styles of wine/martini glasses. After that I thought then what else relates to each other and is cool and will be to the target audience of teens as well as some adults. That is when I had the idea of music themed, because it has been around for a long time and has changed and evolved with technology. I decided to go for the following:

When my professor went over the rubric of what we can and can’t have he said no gradients, which was a total bummer because I was satisfied with my design. In having to change my design I sat there in class and took the gradients off and changed it to the colors. Pink, yellow, and Cyan. Which I think were a great contrast to the gray-scale that was being used in the rest of the icons. Which turned out like this:

After this a few critiques were made and I was suggesting to try to make them less detailed and with a thicker black stroke. I tried it out to see what it looked like and I ended up with the following image. I think that the CD, iPod, and cassette looked pretty good, but what really made me decide to change was the record. It looked more like a target or a modern looking funky eyeball.

I finally finished my Icons by combining the second and third set of icons to create my final. I love creating these type of images and seeing them progress. This was a very fun project in experimenting in Adobe Illustrator.


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