This is creative enough for you?

For this project that I had to do, we were give a simulator, which gave us a specific audience to tailor our made-up Advertisements for. My project gave me a man between the ages of 24-32, who was in a relationship, and that had his bachelor’s degree. With this information, I was given the object of a pot. When I got this, I was quite confused on how I was going to make a pot appeal to a 24-32-year-old man. Then it clicked without much brainstorming. If I got a picture of a pot and I made people small enough to fit on the edge, it would be like a hot tub. I ran with this idea and my peers thought it was a cool idea.

The image of the steaming pot I found as a public domain image on, the uploader of this image is Republica. This original image is found at

The image of the people are my personal friends Elliott and Sarah, and I took this image. After a few hours of searching for people posed on the edge of a pool. I called them up and asked them to be my models. I positioned them at a railing, to imitate the edge of the pot.

For this design, I thought that the colors of black, white, and a muted orange would attract my specific audience. As well as sharp and clean placement of the text on the page. I decided to go with the Tw Cen MT font to stay with the crisp look of the design, and repetition.

Something that I learned from this project was the importance of alignment. I had to try 4 different ways to get the title to align with the text at the bottom with the logo.

I hope that you like my AD!


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