Stay In Tune With Your Body

This project that I had is to pick a unique ad and to create another one that looks like it’s in the same Advertising campaign. That is do the design, colors and the overall visual look like it’s the same idea portrayed in a different way. I chose this ad by Under Armor, in the Stay in Tune with Your Body campaign. I thought that the design elements were different and unique I personally loved the way that the swimmers were composed on the piano in such a way that I had never seen before.

The color of this ad has muted colors. The swimmers matched the piano so well it looks like it was just an image taken. I think that this has a lot to do with the designer adjusting the saturation levels to work in their favor to have the piano and the swimmers match the same theme.

The visual of leading lines in the ad is very interesting because we see the lines naturally created by the piano keys but then the repetition of the swimmers draws another line that we connect in our heads with the negative space.

The message of this ad I think is very effective, one of the reasons I was drawn to this image to make another in the campaign is that of “stay in tune with your body.” With the athletes on a musical instrument we can tell that both take a lot work, and practice to become great at it. The message staying in tune with your body, is a great message for the ad.

Below is my presentation of my newly created ad in the same campaign as the ad that I found to base my project off of.  My slides point out how my ad goes along to fit in this the campaign.


I used the same idea of changing the saturation of the images to match each other in more of a grey-scale. I also like the other ad used an element of another instrument to make it look like the sport the athletes are playing.

The intended target audience are athletes or people who want to stay in shape. The overall message of the ad is to tell people who are wanting to stay in shape starts with Under Armor. This design appeals to that audience because of the way the ad has all the swimmers at a starting line implies that, this is where you start to become great.

Alignment was a big design decision that I had to make when creating the AD, I had to place the runners on the guitar in such a way that the neck of the guitar with the strings look like running lanes, as well as having all the runners lined up at the starting line.UnderArmor AD

The image of the guitar has great focus on the fret where the runners are but the rest is very blurred, I think it both enhances and distracts from the overall design, because I think it would be nice to have more of the foreground in focus, but at the same time it draws the viewers eyes right to the runners so that it works out very well.

The two images I found to use for my ad are found on the public domain sites of and The links to the images are below. It took me a while to find a picture of runners that matched the type of look, and angle that I was wanting to find, but when I found this one I decided to pick a few of the runners to get what I needed.


The ad that I found was found at the following link.

Thank you for reading about my Final project for my Visual Media class at BYU—Idaho.


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