Solar System Animation

The process of my animation was quite the struggle. The week before I had to start working on it I opened after affects for the first time. I’m probably one of many to really feel overwhelmed when I opened the program. I was very disappointed with my first few exercises of playing and figuring out the tools, but there was one that I understood very well so I decided to make an animation using that same idea because it was something I was able to understand but make very cool.

First, I had to start on making the solar system which is a lot harder than you think in trying to replicate it. I had to think about textures and different ways I could make and blend the patterns so that it would look like a legitimate planet.

After working with shapes, I remembered I could use textures and so I did I made textures that would go with each of the planets. My favorite two planets that turned out were Jupiter and Earth. I was very satisfied with how I was able to use blending tones to make it look really nice and make it look like the planet.


The next part of the process was the animation, I changed the anchor points to be the middle of the sun. Then I set a rotation on each to rotate a certain way and at different speeds to represent the color system. Which set it all in motion, no pun intended.

There are two objects that I made rotate differently and those are the moon around the earth and Saturn’s rings I tried to change those to make it look more accurate to the solar system movement.
I hope you like my simple animation.


Extra Images

These images are extras of what I took for my photobook. Hope you like them!


One of my final projects for my Digital Imaging class was creating this photobook with my best images over the semester. I can saw that I am very proud and impressed with myself by how my images turned out.

Below is the link to the full photobook, which I created and designed myself in Adobe InDesign.


Contest Images


The image that I placed in this Depth in Nature Contest was one that came from a shoot I did for an assignment to create images with some depth in them focusing on shallow and deep depths. I was just about to finish up my shoot at Rigby Lake, in Rigby Idaho, when I walked past this tree and I looked up and I knew I just had to capture what I saw and from there I captured the image that I took.

Depth In Nature was one of the contests that I entered on on March 21st, 2018. I chose the contest that I did because when I read the description of what the contest entail it was just a one line description that said “Show Nature with a shallow depth of field.” To see other participants and myself follow the link below to

The second image that I placed into a contest is my beautiful landscape at the top of R Mountain. I was hiking and stumbled upon this rock formation and I was able to get the buttes far in the background which made this image quite fascinating. Which is why I decided to submit this to the Viewbug Everything Nature contest.

Everything Nature “we strive to promote awareness about the natural beauty around us” Is what this contest was about and I thought this image above really did it for me.I Also submitted this project on March 21st, 2018.



After three other projects for my Vector Graphics class I finally feel like I am seeing improvement with my work. For this project my classmates and I had to create stickers that are three inches long on the longest side and other little stickers for this event my professor puts on called a Sticker Swap, At this event we will be able to talk with other people and like the name of the event swap stickers.

To begin this process, I made a lot of sketches to see what type of theme and design that I wanted to do. I thought about robots, and I thought about a lot of things of what do so but then I thought about the target audience that would want stickers. I decided to go with the cool idea of the common millennial word of “lit” with this idea of it in a light bulb.

This is my first round and draft of the assignment, I really liked where it was going but I was informed that I could only have words in one of the stickers, so then I made revisions and moved to round two.


After some more consideration and thinking about this I had this idea that this was turning into a 20-30’s pop art style so I decided to do exactly that, where I would make the two tones with the dot pattern.


This is the final that I got I’m pretty proud of how they turned out but I know there is so much more room for improvement on this. Thanks for reading about the process of my stickers!

-Madison Smith