Stay In Tune With Your Body

This project that I had is to pick a unique ad and to create another one that looks like it’s in the same Advertising campaign. That is do the design, colors and the overall visual look like it’s the same idea portrayed in a different way. I chose this ad by Under Armor, in the […]

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This is creative enough for you?

For this project that I had to do, we were give a simulator, which gave us a specific audience to tailor our made-up Advertisements for. My project gave me a man between the ages of 24-32, who was in a relationship, and that had his bachelor’s degree. With this information, I was given the object […]

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Music of Generations

For the past few weeks I have been working on this Icon Project for my Visual Media Class at BYU–Idaho. For this Icon Project I first got a start on it knowing the basics of the rubric. I got to brainstorming and my first idea was bottles, but deciding that wouldn’t go over well, I […]

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Rule the Depth of Leading lines

For these three images I am going to analyze Elements of Photography; more specifically, rule of thirds, leading lines, and depth of field. The images used I couldn’t locate a photographer for them but they are found at their listed sites and all credit goes to them, for their fabulous, and elegant work. Rule of […]

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Is typography like etiquette?

The Image that I will be analyzing is a piece of work that was submitted for to the CSS Design awards. This website to help designers, students, studios and much more to push their creativity limits. I think that the CSS awards are there to help artists get their work out there as well as […]

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Design Principle Breakdown

For this post I have taken a design and broken it up into design elements. This particular image strikes my interest because of the simplicity and the professionalism that is shown. This is the front cover of a book that David Berman helped write and design. For Peachpit Press, which is a division of Pearson. […]

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